A Story of Max Polyakov: An Expert Jazz Singer Who Performs at Eos Bar

A Story of Max Polyakov: An Expert Jazz Singer Who Performs at Eos Bar

Max Polyakov often accompanied his father anytime he went to EOS bar to listen to jazz singers. The songs that Max listened to at EOS bar stuck on his mind. He got interested in becoming a jazz performer and this desire grew after he heard Armstrong Louis’ jazz song play. Hearing sounds from a trumpet and a saxophone is what impressed him so much.

More about Max Polyakov

Learning how a trumpet and a saxophone are played

Max Polyakov joined music school and he got taught how to use a trumpet and a saxophone. His parents additionally ensured to give him all fundamentals of music thus giving him a great start.

At the age of fifteen, Max Polyakov was excellent at using a trumpet and a saxophone and he was prepared to be among the live performers at EOS bar.

Special recognition at the EOS

The first performance of Max Polyakov at the EOS bar was a spectacular moment. By then, his dad worked as a director in that bar, a job he got offered due to his patronage. Max was capable to mix several imaginative and unique effects in his performance and his outcome was great.

After performing at the bar for several months, Max Polyakov was given a notable position. EOS bar used to get many visitors on Fridays compared to other days. So, Polyakov was offered a chance to entertain people with his exceptional performances every Friday. This made Max Polyakov build a great career which even took him further since he got opportunities to travel and perform around the globe.

Going abroad

African Americas are the ones who are good at jazz singing. So, it was strange to see Max Polyakov who is not an African so good at it. When Polyakov arrived in America to perform, he came across many African American individuals that cheered him and even considered him as one of their own.

Max Polyakov also visited New Orleans state where jazz was created. He paid tribute to the music creators and got many awards.

Polyakov’s music brand

Max Polyakov ensured that his songs were accepted by both his home supporters and outsiders through incorporating home effects to each of his production. He even ensured to incorporate local instruments besides using a trumpet or saxophone.


Max Polyakov did over five thousand live performances and recorded over fifty songs. Actually, Max is among the greatest jazz musicians in Europe.

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