Max Polyakov: Singing Jazz and Performing All over the World

How Max became successful

Max Polyakov: Singing Jazz and Performing All over the World

Since Max Polyakov was young, he could always accompany his father whenever he wanted to enjoy some music at EOS pub. Everything that the musicians sang stuck in Max Polyakov’s head and he even developed interest in becoming a singer too. Listening to a saxophone and a trumpet is what he enjoyed most.

Playing musical instruments

Max Polyakov decided to study music. This is when he was trained to play a saxophone and a trumpet. He parents gave him all the support he needed which inspired him to work harder.

By the time he was 15 years old, Max Polyakov knew how to play musical instruments very well. He was even ready to begin singing at EOS pub.

Getting recognized at the pub

Max Polyakov performed at EOS pub for the first time, all attendants were impressed. During that time, his das was a supervisor of that pub and he was given that role because of his support. Max knew how to combine various effects which were both unique and original and performed excellently.

Max Polyakov went on performing for several months and one day he was offered a special recognition. The bar used to have many attendants during Fridays and Polyakov was offered an opportunity to perform each Friday. This is how Max ended up building a rewarding music career which opened further opportunities for him, he even managed to perform in various places around the globe.

Travelling overseas

Normally, black Americans are the ones who do well when it comes to singing jazz. So, most people were surprised to see Max Polyakov perform jazz excellently yet he was not an African. Polyakov performed in the US where he met many black Americans who were so proud of him like he was one of them.

Max Polyakov even traveled to New Orleans which is where jazz music created. He showed respect to the people who started the music and he got so many great awards.

The music brand of Mr. Polyakov

Max did everything possible in his singing and made sure that everyone all over the globe can find it interesting to listen to by including certain effects when producing. He also ensured to include many musical instruments.


Max Polyakov has so far had more than 5,000 live performances and he has produced over 50 tracks. Visit to learn more about Max and other great jazz singers.

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